Client Testimonials

"Novo's support in implementing a systematic approach to achieving our business goals and building a sustainable culture were instrumental in our sites transition. By integrating themselves into our business they quickly understood our needs and built a plan that engaged all levels our business.

As a result we were able to accelerate our journey to becoming a systematic sustainable business driven by a culture of continuous improvement where employees are engaged at all levels of our business."

Site Manager – Manufacturing Plant

"One thing that has really stood out with the Novo method is the simultaneous focus on both operational performance and organisational behaviour. In other instances, consultancies will eith provide operational expertise but fail to connect it to behaviour; or only focus on culture and behaviour – without linking it to operational outcomes and circumstances. What was especially powerful was the appreciation by Novo that both are interconnected.

The Novo team were prepared to roll up their sleeves and engage with all levels of the organisation to make things happen. As little as a month into the implementation, signs of positive change happeining inside the organisation were apparent."

Chief Executive, Utilities company

"What the project has done for us is change our focus. Or perhaps give us more focus. And that is the hardest thing to get done because it is a human thing involving lots of emotions"

Operator, Electricity Company

"Novo was very quick to comprehend a picture of what the business objectives are (or should be), and how individual roles should contribute to this. They have an excellent ability to engage with folk within the business and stir up enthusiasm within them for their role and how this fits in the company its inspiring to see people care about their jobs. "

IT Manager, Infrastructure Company

"The thing with this implementation process is that you get so much focus in the business about the numbers and what it takes to improve them"

General Manager, Metering Business

"You know on the surface, it looks straightforward and perhaps even too structured. But I’ve found that I’ve never used the “soft” skills better – such as coaching. Now there is a precision when I’m giving feedback to my managers that have really helped the results of my coaching. For example, one thing I have found myself doing as a manager is I validate things a lot more with good numbers. Just asking the question “how do we know this to be true” has really instilled a rigour around how we analyse and talk about our business."

General Manager, LPG Business