What We Do

Operational Strategy & Implementation

We are experts at execution. It is rare that our clients lack the ideas or the knowledge of what they need to do to be successful. It is just that they lack the framework and tools to make execution stick. And that is a skill that we can develop within an organisation; where speed to execute becomes a sustainable capability – no matter what their strategy may be going forward.


Business Turnaround

Many of our clients face serious challenges in their businesses that require a rapid change in performance. Novo works closely with the organisation to create the necessary urgency and clarity to bring about this change - without the hap-hazard mistakes that often accompany these times. We will help manage change in a determined, focused way that gives clients the environment to ensure lasting improvements. And the results speak for themselves.

Technology Solutions

Want a different approach to building your business intelligence capability? Most BI initiatives are costly and fail to drive the improvement that was promised up-front.

Why? Most traditional IT development models are unable to respond to the complex dynamics that underpin organisational learning. Using this approach clients are offered only one or two opportunities to capture their “requirements” before the service provider builds the “solution". Once rolled out, the tools fail to gain any traction within the business as they have already become out of date. And the final result is a lot of money spent for little or no improvement.

Novo understands that Business Intelligence is derived through the structured practice of using tools and numbers in a broader operational and behavioural setting. Clients will only learn about their business by doing something with their numbers. Furthermore, we expect our clients will adjust their scope through the multiple iterations that arise out of this learning. And this is why Novo follows the Agile process in the purest sense.