About novo

  • Novo is a consultancy that specialises in helping businesses put in the disciplines and practices that increase the speed of execution in an organisation. In other words, we help our clients get things done.

    Why is this important?

    Because the ability to execute is a vital ingredient to business success

    By using a proven change process are able to deliver consistent sustainable results for clients


  • We formed Novo at the beginning of 2003 with the aim of providing a new approach to helping our clients bring about change in their organisations. For too long we encountered businesses that had tried and failed to deliver change. In many cases they had used expensive consultants that had showed early promise but were unable to bring about outcomes that were sustainable.

    We have developed a method that enables the client to build a longer term capability – long enough to ensure that the improvements have a real chance of succeeding. We can do this because we commit to our clients’ success with a time-frame that is realistic enough to embed the improvements across the business.

    Bringing about successful change requires both speed and patience; speed to realise the quick wins, and patience to allow people to develop the skills and behaviours necessary.

    Since its formation, Novo has successfully implemented large programmes across Australia and New Zealand with some of the large companies (see clients)


  • Empathy – we always try to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients

    Persistence – we do not walk away when it gets difficult, we stay until our clients succeed

    Humility – our clients’ achievements drives our ambition

    Optimism - we try and see the opportunity in every difficulty


  • We have significant experience in New Zealand and international - in industries ranging from energy and utilities through to manufacturing and retail. This has included large companies (>3000 employees) and medium enterprises. In most cases we have worked with the Senior Management teams and Boards to develop and deliver these complex change programmes.

    Our Technology department covers SQL Server, Oracle, C#, .NET, VBA... We've helped build forecasting tools, budgeting models, reporting cubes, data warehouses, timesheeting tools, project management tools... All of which underpin the management systems we have put in place.


  • We bring a wide set of experience to the table – from academic research and teaching, international business, senior executive management, and technical innovation.

    Our ability to tackle problems from many different perspectives is an important feature of our consulting approach.

    Moreover, this enables the team at Novo to develop a set of unique ideas to contribute to our clients' businesses.


  • We develop a bespoke strategy designed to serve our clients in executing their own strategy. We do this through combining intellectual and analytical power with a specific implementation approach that is both practical and results-oriented.

    We assess the productivity of business through good analysis. Process excellence is about developing rigorous methodologies to drive out variable or poor performance. Our experience using Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing tools have enabled us to help our clients achieve process performance that has not only raised quality but also saved significant operational costs.

    Our Business Intelligence capability enables you to have reporting in place quickly. We'll also set up long-term, sustainable reporting systems in whatever format works best for your business.


Operational Strategy

We work with our clients to connect their business strategy to operational execution. We do this by balancing rigorous analysis and actual implementation. In this way, we connect the knowing & thinking (strategy) with the doing (execution). Our clients often know their business strategy – but need help in converting this into an actual plan – be it in production, supply chain, human resources, information technology or sales & marketing.

Process Capability

Our consultants all have a strong track record in methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and Business Process Reengineering. But we also know that these are tools to get a broader outcome: namely improvement and results. Our toolkit is large and hence we can use them appropriately.

Management Systems

Execution requires control which in turn requires systems. We help our clients build “closed-loop” systems in their businesses that drive the behaviours that we know lead to success – from clear reporting, to effective meetings, to aligned targets - and ultimately accountable people. Creating a systematic environment is the very foundation of execution and a disciplined culture.

Asset Management

Do you know whether you are maximising the return on your assets? Have you measured your productive output? Have you got the practices in place to achieve world class reliability? If not, Novo can help you instill a number of discplines that drive smart use of your assets – whether they be production lines, transportation, or your workforce.

IT services

Business Intelligence and Reporting

If you are lacking the data or information to drive your business more effectively our team can help you “connect the dots” quickly. Our methodology focusses on fast, agile development – allowing our clients to experiment and learn through multiple iterations.

We view business intelligence as underpinning a broader change process that our clients must undertake to deliver lasting change.

Database and Software Development

Our technical team has strong experience in data acquisition and database development. This can be done independently of a larger change project. Due to our track record our clients will continue to use us after our initial consulting engagement. Approximately 50% of our software development business is derived from on-going work from existing clients.